Repair Authorization

    Customer requests Repair Facility to make repairs to Customer’s vehicle. Customer expressly represents to Repair Facility that Customer has the lawful right to authorize repairs to be made to the Vehicle, whether by right of ownership, leasehold interest, or direct authorization from the owner of the Vehicle. Customer authorizes Repair Facility to repair Vehicle and further authorizes Repair Facility to move, test drive, or otherwise operate the Vehicle for purposes of repairing the Vehicle and determining its functionality and safety. Customer also acknowledges that any data or documentation pertaining to the damage analysis or repair belong to Repair Facility and Customer authorizes Repair Facility to utilize or disclose information related to the Vehicle or repair in any way Repair Facility chooses.


    This document, and any documents incorporated by reference, constitutes the entire terms of this contract for repair. This agreement cannot be modified orally and may only be altered in writing by a document signed by both parties.

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